Rosé all day? Classic pairings

First, here’s a little rosé 101.

Rosé is predominantly made from red grapes. The colour of any wine comes from the skins of the grapes – the juice is clear. The juice in rosé spends less time with the skins than a red wine, but just enough time for the pinky hue to bleed out.

This also means that the colour of the wine isn’t actually an indication of its sweetness, like many believe. Just because darker wines could be mistaken for a candy-like pink, doesn’t mean that they’ll taste like marshmallow.

It’s a highly versatile wine, and goes well with fairly well anything. That makes rosé a great option to keep in the fridge for a rainy day, unexpected guests, or just because.
That said, there are some pairings that really make rosé sing.

Provençal flavours

While it’s grown all over the world, popping open a bottle of rosé may just transport you to Provence, France.

So enjoy a Provençal wine with a Provençal feast. Provencal food is known for being fresh and simple – a strong Italian flavour runs through this French region. Think of foods like ratatouille, bouillabaisse and salade niçoise.

Rosé pairs nicely with goats cheese. Both have an acidic and tangy flavour. Try it as a starter – spread some rich goats cheese on mini toasts or a crusty baguette, and top with mushrooms sautéed in balsamic vinegar and thyme for an extra zingy, herby hit.

An Italian feast

As already mentioned, the foods of Provence and Italy are culinary cousins, so it’s no surprise that rosé enjoys being paired with lighter Italian dishes as well.

If you’re looking for a pair to a traditional pizza, light pasta dish or simple salad – think buffalo mozzarella and tomato or melon and prosciutto – then reach for a bottle of rosé.

It’s also a great accompaniment to salt and oil rich foods like anchovies and olives – the perfect choice for long afternoons grazing in the sun.

BYOB – Your sushi train or thai take-out saviour

The balance of acidity and fruity flavours in rosé make it an excellent partner to fish as well as spicier dishes. Rosé’s are typically lighter bodied wines (ranging light to medium) which work well with the rice and fresh fish flavours of sushi, or noodle-based dishes, like a Pad Thai.

If you’re not sure what to grab on your way to your next dinner out, reach for the rosé as a fairly safe bet.

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