A Collaborative Spirit

A Collaborative Spirit

Introducing Julianne's Gin by Red Bottle & Goodradigbee Distillery

In the bustling heart of Sydney's Northern Beaches, Red Bottle embarked on a remarkable journey with Goodradigbee Distillery in Brookvale. This partnership was fuelled by a shared vision: to craft a gin that embodies the essence of Australia. Julianne's Gin is the fruit of this collaboration, a narrative of passion, innovation and the rich botanical heritage of our sun-drenched land. 

The Birth of a Collaboration: Red Bottle & Goodradigbee Distillery 

Our adventure began with the desire to not just curate but to create. By teaming up with Goodradigbee Distillery, we found the perfect partner in John and Geoff, whose expertise in distillation and passion for quality spirits was unmatched. This collaboration was not just about making gin; it was about telling a story - the story of our landscape, our taste and our community. 

Group photo of Red Bottle staff members and Geoff from Goodradigbee Distillery.

Julianne's Vision: Crafting the Perfect Australian Gin

At the heart of Julianne's Gin is Julianne herself, a core member of the Red Bottle team and an avid gin enthusiast. Her vision was clear: to craft a gin that's authentically Australian, celebrating our native botanicals' unique flavours and aromas. Julianne's expertise and passion guided every decision, from selecting the botanicals to the final taste profile. 

Julianne bottling the gin.

Australian Botanicals

The selection of botanicals for Julianne's Gin was meticulous. Australian natives like Saltbush, Finger Lime, Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum and Pepper Berry were chosen for their distinctive flavours, contributing to a gin that speaks of its origins. These botanicals, combined with traditional gin ingredients, created a blend that is as unique as it is refreshing. 

John explaining how the gin is distilled.

The Art of Distillation: A Handcrafted Process 

Our collaboration with Goodradigbee Distillery brought Julianne's vision to life through a careful distillation process. By employing both steeping and vapour infusion, we captured the complex essence of each botanical, ensuring a depth of flavour that is both bold and nuanced. 

John and Julianne picking ingredients.

From Distillery to Bottle: The Personal Touch 

Every bottle of Julianne's Gin received a personal touch, from filling to labelling by hand. This hands-on approach, done by both Red Bottle and Goodradigbee team members, signifies our commitment to quality and the personal connection we share with every bottle produced. 

Julianne and our staff members bottling the gin.

Tasting Julianne's Gin: A Coastal Journey

Julianne's Gin is an invitation to explore the taste of Australia's coast. Each sip is a journey through the diverse landscape of our country, offering a rich, multi-layered experience that's perfect for a gin and tonic or as the base for creative gin cocktails. 

Julianne's Gin Backside.

Join Us on This Flavourful Adventure

We're excited to share Julianne's Gin with you. This collaboration between Red Bottle and Goodradigbee Distillery is more than just another product on our shelves; it's a celebration of shared values, craftsmanship and the beauty of Australian gin. Visit our Pitt St Store to say hello to Julianne ask her anything about the gin! Julianne's Gin is available across at all Red Bottle Stores and our online store. 

Cheers to the beauty of Australian botanicals and the art of gin making! 

The collaborative spirit of Red Bottle and Goodradgibee Distillery with Julianne's Gin, a celebration of Australian craftsmanship and the joy of discovery.

4th Mar 2024 Alex Yoon

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