Perfect pairs – match your wine to your fav take out dinner

Image of a hand holding a slice of ham and pineapple pizza

Are you already feeling like you might be too lazy to cook tonight?

Is Uber Eats the most used app on your phone?

Just because you’re taking a shortcut with your meal, that doesn’t mean that you need to take a shortcut with your wine. Some of our favourite “guilty” cheat foods have a perfect match in bottle.


With a classic tomato base, your mind might automatically go to a red drop. And you’d be right!

While your ideal pairing will depend on your topping of choice, maybe consider a Sangiovese.

On face value, it makes sense to pair an Italian wine with an Italian dish. But more than that, Sangiovese is a medium-bodied wine – it’s full enough to hold its own alongside a slice but not too heavy to pair with a cheesy, greasy pizza. It’s a good wine to drink young, and is reasonably acidic, so you’ll likely spot those words on the bottle.


Ready to spice up your life?

Look for a wine with a lower alcohol content so that it doesn’t make the food seem hotter. You’ll want to pair your meal with a drop that’s fresh with a touch of sweetness. Go for a Rosé. Notes of strawberry or melon will cool your mouth and enhance your meal.


Diving into a classic cheeseburger…or anything with a beef patty? Reach for a Cab Sav. It’s a messy meal – you can’t really hold back when you grab a burger! – so it deserves a hearty wine. Cabernet Sauvignons are high in tannins, heavy and deep.

More of a chicken burger fan? Love something finger licking good? Champagne and fried chicken is a surprising classic combination. The bubbles help cut through the grease, lifting the other flavours in your meal.

So, before you head home, drop by one of our stores and look for these wines.

Ask our team for a hand. We’re a spirited bunch, who have made it our job to make your next trip to the bottle shop better.


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