Drinks to get you through summer

Drinks to get you through summer

January in Sydney is a strange time. Hot days, long nights, lots of people still taking holidays while their kids break from school. It’s a month for weekend parties, beach days and drinks with friends.

So we’ve put together a buying guide perfect for any situation January might throw at you.

Crisp gins for dry hot days

No longer just your Nana’s drink, gin is a favourite for all ages. At the end of a long working week, nothing beats a G&T with a slice of cucumber for that extra cool taste.

Red Bottle recommends: The Botanist Gin

When you think of distilling on a wind-swept, remote, Scottish island, you probably think of whiskey. But you should think of this gin. The Botanist comes from Islay. It features 22 Islay botanicals hand-picked from the hills, peat bogs and Atlantic shores. It’s small-batch, floral, complex and – most importantly – delicious!

Punchy rums for humid nights

A drink for pirates and tropical climates. Caribbean rum conjures up images of white sands and palm trees, perfect for those days the humidity ramps up.

Red Bottle recommends: Mount Gay Eclipse Rum

The Mount Gay Eclipse Rum hails from what is probably the world’s oldest rum distillery. They’ve been making rum since 1703. This honey-coloured drop is filled with Caribbean flavours, so you just know that it’s perfect for steamy summer nights.

Long-lunch approved whites for sunny weekends

Versatility is the name of the game when reaching for wine to take to a long, boozy lunch. Light to medium bodied Pinot Gris pair perfectly with light, grilled seafood dishes and grilled chicken, while fuller bodies varieties can stand up next to lamb – perfect summer lunch fare.

Red Bottle recommends: ENZED Marlborough Pinot Gris

Mmmmmm Pinot Gris. This ENZED drop (guess where it’s from) has scents of white peach and sweet pear. It’s juicy, with well balanced acidity.

Reds to match your classic lamb chop

The classic Australian lamb chop deserves a good wine. Our minds go directly to a red – something light to medium bodied with good acidity to still beat the heat. Pinot Noir seems like the perfect choice.

Red Bottle recommends: Hãhã Marlborough Pinot Noir

In Maori Hãhã means savoury and luscious, tasty and delicious. The Hãhã Marlborough Pinot Noir is described as “elegant, juicy and vibrant…beautifully aromatic and silky smooth, this Pinot is perfectly matched with tender new season lamb chops on the BBQ.” Perfect.

Rosés to match with virtually anything

We’ve often celebrated the versatility of rosé, so keep some on hand to match with virtually anything. Very few people will be disappointed when you turn up to their house, rosé in hand.

Red Bottle recommends: Vinaceous Salome Tempranillo Rosé

With it’s stunning label and a name like Vinaceous Salome Tempranillo Rosé you could be forgiven for thinking that this bottle hails from South America. But, this is actually an Australian wine. Vinaceous sources their grapes from Margaret River, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale to make their range of wines. Rosé pairs so well with so many things and this is a great, crisp, versatile drop for summer.

Sparkling for sunny celebrations

Keep the Christmas and New Year vibes going well into summer with a good sparkling. Australian sparkling varieties hold their own, and are a good option if the wallet is feeling a little lighter after the festive period.

Red Bottle recommends: Grant Burge Petite Bubbles

This is a simple sparkling wine, soft on the palate with lots of…you guessed it…petite bubbles that unlock the aroma of the wine. It’s a a refreshing drop, perfect for this time of year.

Beers for cricket on the beach

It might be a stereotype, but nothing says summer in Sydney like a bit of beachy or backyard cricket. With all that activity, you’re going to work up a thirst!

Red Bottle recommends: Mismatch Brewing Co Pale Ale

Mismatch Brewing’s Pale Ale is a beer made for easy drinking. It’s been brewed to a drier style. It’s got lower residual sugar to keep it bright and fresh. Drink it by the beach, by the BBQ or whenever you need to quench that summer thirst!

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