​Celebrating Bleasdale Vineyards: A Triumph in the 2024 Halliday Wine Companion Awards

​Celebrating Bleasdale Vineyards: A Triumph in the 2024 Halliday Wine Companion Awards

At Red Bottle, we're overjoyed to raise a glass to the resounding success of Bleasdale Vineyards in the 2024 edition of the esteemed Halliday Wine Companion Awards. This triumph is a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion of a remarkable team of wine enthusiasts.

Campbell Mattinson, Chief Editor of the Halliday Wine Companion, perfectly encapsulates our feelings about our friends at Bleasdale:

"There's an argument to say that the Bleasdale winery, both historically and most certainly at the hands of winemaker Paul Hotker, should be regarded as every Australian wine lover's best friend… whether one of its wines is $12 or $70, it is determined that every wine in its range ‘conveys a story in the glass that substantiates its history, diversity and increasingly, its pedigree’."

Bleasdale's Winery of the Year Accolade

What sets Bleasdale apart is the fusion of historical legacy and contemporary winemaking brilliance. Paul Hotker, the head winemaker, has breathed new life into the vineyards, resulting in wines that capture the essence of the land and the dedication of the people behind them. Bleasdale's exceptional triumph is magnificently portrayed by their consistent success in blind tastings. They've stood tall against the most esteemed Australian cabernets, with their Iron Duke Cabernet Sauvignon outshining even the likes of Margaret River, Coonawarra, and Yarra Valley royalty. This exceptional achievement is proof that Bleasdale's wines are more than just value; they are a celebration of Australia's winemaking prowess.

Australian Winemaking Excellence at a Fantastic Price: The Highly Praised Wines

At the centre of Bleasdale's extraordinary success are their captivating wines, some of which are currently gracing the pages of Red Bottle's Spring Catalogue. Here are three exceptional wines that have garnered well-deserved acclaim:

Mulberry Tree Cabernet Sauvignon (95 Points): This elegant Cabernet Sauvignon offers intense aromas of mixed berries, woody herbs, dark chocolate, and violets. With a smooth and persistent palate, featuring blackcurrant and spicy oak flavours, it culminates in soft and subtle tannins. The Mulberry Tree vineyard's exceptional fruit quality shines through in every sip.

The Second Innings Malbec (95 Points): A testament to the winery's commitment to quality, this unique Malbec showcases a symphony of flavours – from juicy plums to red berries, all gently interwoven with a hint of pepper spice. Its plushness and velvety smooth tannins make every sip a luxurious experience.

Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc: Transport your senses to the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills with this vibrant Sauvignon Blanc. Bursting with lively citrus and tropical fruit aromas, it offers a crisp and refreshing palate that perfectly embodies the essence of its origin.

Bleasdale's dedication to excellence is further underscored by the 22 wines ranked 90 or higher in the Halliday Wine Companion, including an impressive 16 wines rated at 95 or above.

To really drive home how impressive this is, consider this: The Halliday Wine Companion only requires 2 wines to be ranked 95+ for a winery to be eligible for their 5-star rating. Bleasdale have achieved this eight times over!

Raise Your Glass to Bleasdale's Winery of the Year Win

Join us in raising a glass to Bleasdale Vineyards, a shining star in the world of Australian wine. Their success is a reminder of the remarkable journey that a true passion for winemaking can lead to. As you explore the tantalizing selection of Bleasdale wines, remember that every bottle tells a story—an ode to history, diversity, and the artistry of Australian winemaking.

Experience the excellence of Bleasdale wines for yourself! The wines are currently available at all Red Bottle stores or online for convenient delivery right to your doorstep.

31st Aug 2023 Harry from Red Bottle

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