SOFI Aperitivo Pink Grapefruit & Lavender 750mL

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  • SOFI Aperitivo Pink Grapefruit & Lavender 750mL Bottle


Indulge in the delightful SOFI Aperitivo Pink Grapefruit & Lavender, a beautiful blend of local grape spirit, pink grapefruit, and fragrant lavender. Experience the perfect balance of tart grapefruit, natural grape sweetness, and aromatic lavender, creating a distinctive and savoury taste that will leave you refreshed and wanting more.

Taking inspiration from The Pompelmo cocktail, create the perfect serve by blending SOFI with prosecco and/or soda, garnished with a fresh citrus wedge. Elevate your aperitivo experience with this refreshing and flavourful combination. 


16% ABV

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