Hennessy VS Cognac 700mL

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Experience the timeless allure of Hennessy Very Special Cognac, a true testament to exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Evolving from the renowned Hennessy Three Star, it's a modern masterpiece that balances boldness and finesse.

Matured predominantly in new oak barrels, this globally acclaimed cognac captivates with its toasty and fruity notes. Its rich and well-defined palate welcomes you with open arms, exuding an invigorating vibrancy that's perfect for any era.

Reimagined by the Pininfarina Design Studio in 2014, its iconic bottle boasts a contemporary, masculine, and assertive silhouette, embodying tension, intensity, and power. Hennessy Very Special is more than a cognac; it's an expression of urban dynamism and vitality.

With unique artist collaborations and limited editions each year, Hennessy V.S celebrates creativity and individuality. Whether you're savouring it neat, mixing cocktails, or creating your own signature drinks, its versatility knows no bounds.

Elevate your gatherings and high-energy occasions with Hennessy Very Special Cognac, the embodiment of timeless savoir-faire and a joyful intensity that transcends generations.

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