Lunar New Year 2024

Welcome to a mesmerizing celebration of the 2024 Chinese New Year, the majestic Year of the Dragon, brought to life by the visionary collaboration between Maison Hennessy and acclaimed Chinese artist Yang Yongliang. Introducing the limited-edition collection inspired by Yang Yongliang's digital masterpiece, 'Dragon’s Odyssey,' where dragons gracefully dance amidst waves, embodying the spirit of unity and positive energy. An embodiment of Maison Hennessy's slogan, "Together We Are Unstoppable," Yang Yongliang's dynamic artwork serves as a vibrant ode to shared connections and the joy that binds us together.


In this innovative collaboration, Yang Yongliang transforms a childhood dragon memory into a captivating digital experience, forging a unique bridge between past and present. For him, using contemporary technology isn't just an expression of personal experience; it's an invitation for others to explore the historical and cultural contexts of dragons. The limited-edition VSOP and XO art decanters, available in joyous red and prosperous gold, are not only a beautiful gift for sharing but also exquisite centerpieces that resonate with the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. With over 163 years of heritage, Hennessy's deep connection with Chinese culture finds new expression through this collaborative journey, inviting you to indulge in the spirit of shared history and New Year festivities.


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